Optimize CSS for https://nostrongbeliefs.com/css/style.css

Improve your CSS performance by reducing complexity

Validate CSS for parsing errors and warnings

Check and Cleanup CSS Offenders

  • Complex Selectors By Attribute2

    Selectors whose attribute value contains a specified value

    Attribute selectors have a slower lookup time

    a[href^="javascript:"]:after {}a[href^="#"]:after {}
  • Duplicated Properties6

    Duplicate properties detected for your selector

    Remove or combine duplicate properties to clean up your css

    pre {white-space: pre-wrap} .sidebar {right: calc(-11.9375em - 2vw)} .social {margin-left: calc(-0.3125em)} .social li {width: calc(50% - 0.3125em)} .social li {width: calc(33.333333333% - 0.3125em)} .social li {width: calc(20% - 0.3125em)} 
  • Importants5

    Provides a way for a stylesheet author to give a CSS value more weight than it naturally has

    Avoid usage if at all possible. When you use !important, you’re disrupting the natural flow of your rules, giving more weight to rules that are undeserving of such weight

    * {background: transparent !important} * {color: #000 !important} * {box-shadow: none !important} * {text-shadow: none !important} img {max-width: 100% !important} 
  • Old Property Prefixes2

    Properties with a no longer needed vendor prefix

    These have since been integrated or removed from mentioned browsers and can safely be removed from CSS

    button, input, select, textarea { -webkit-box-sizing: border-box } // was required by Android Browser 3, Chrome 9, iOS Safari 4.2, Safari 5 and earlier button, input, select, textarea { -moz-box-sizing: border-box } // was required by Firefox 28 and earlier 
  • Redundant Body Selectors1
    .fonts-loaded body 
  • Universal Selectors5

    The universal selector matches any element type

    Universal selectors can be implied (and therefore omitted) if it isn’t the only component of the simple selector, avoid whenever possible

    [role=banner] {}[role=banner] {}[role=main] {}[role=contentinfo] {}* {}

CSS Stats

CSS Metrics

Base64 Length0
Redundant Child Nodes Selectors0
Comments Length120
Complex Selectors0
Duplicated Selectors0
Empty Rules0
Old IE Fixes0
Media Queries19
Not Minified0
Multi Classes Selectors0
Parsing Errors0
Property Resets0
Qualified Selectors0
Specificity Id Avg0
Specificity Id Total0
Specificity Class Avg0.52
Specificity Class Total83
Specificity Tag Avg0.81
Specificity Tag Total131
Selector Length Avg1.1614906832298137
Selectors By Attribute16
Selectors By Class57
Selectors By Id0
Selectors By Pseudo16
Selectors By Tag125