Optimize CSS for http://megakyle83.com/css/megakyle83.css

Improve your CSS performance by reducing complexity

Validate CSS for parsing errors and warnings

Check and Cleanup CSS Offenders

  • Complex Selectors11

    Selectors with uneccessary depth and traversal

    Consider simplifying for speed and readability

    #SlideAction ul li a {}#SlideAction ul li a:hover {}#BubbleMan > ul > li > a {}#BubbleMan > ul > li > a > span {}#BubbleMan > ul > li > a:hover {}#BubbleMan > ul > li.has-sub > a span {}#BubbleMan > ul > li.has-sub.active > a span {}#BubbleMan ul ul li {}#BubbleMan ul ul li:last-child {}#BubbleMan ul ul a {}#BubbleMan ul ul a:hover {}
  • Duplicated Properties1

    Duplicate properties detected for your selector

    Remove or combine duplicate properties to clean up your css

    a.research {transition: background .1s} 
  • Empty Rules8

    Deteced empty rules

    Reduce the size of your CSS file by removing empty rules

    #BubbleMan a {}#BubbleMan > ul > li {}#BubbleMan > ul > li:hover {}#BubbleMan > ul > li.active {}.weaponRigging {}.weaponAnimation {}.research p {}img.megakyle83 {}
  • Importants3

    Provides a way for a stylesheet author to give a CSS value more weight than it naturally has

    Avoid usage if at all possible. When you use !important, you’re disrupting the natural flow of your rules, giving more weight to rules that are undeserving of such weight

    .cutMan img {border: none !important} a.research {z-index: 9 !important} .theMegas, .drWily {margin-left: 0 !important} 
  • Multi Classes Selectors1

    Selectors with multiple classes

    Unnecessary specificity, consider reducing to single class or id instead

    .active.has-sub {}
  • Old Property Prefixes4

    Properties with a no longer needed vendor prefix

    These have since been integrated or removed from mentioned browsers and can safely be removed from CSS

    a.research { -moz-transition: background .1s } // was required by Firefox 15 and earlier a.research { -o-transition: background .1s } // prefix is no longer supported .research:hover { -moz-transition: background .1s } // was required by Firefox 15 and earlier .research:hover { -o-transition: background .1s } // prefix is no longer supported 
  • Qualified Selectors27

    Since IDs are unique and classes are more unique than tags, adding a tag name would slow down the matching process needlessly

    Don’t qualify class or ID rules with tag names, as they are more unique than the tag. Strip tag names where possible

    a.MegaMan {}h2 span.item {}h6.storyLine {}ul.bossSelect {}#BubbleMan > ul > li.active {}#BubbleMan > ul > li.has-sub > a span {}#BubbleMan > ul > li.has-sub.active > a span {}a.sample {}a.sample img {}a.sample:hover {}h6.GeminiLaser {}a.research {}.holder a.jp-previous {}.holder a.jp-next {}.holder a.jp-current {}a.jp-current:hover {}.holder a.jp-disabled {}a.jp-disabled:hover {}.holder a.jp-current {}a.jp-current:hover {}.holder a.jp-disabled {}a.jp-disabled:hover {}a.sample img {}img.megakyle83 {}a.MegaMan .blaster h1 {}a.MegaMan .blaster h3 {}a.research {}
  • Redundant Child Nodes Selectors2

    Deteced redundancies for child node selectors

    Dry up duplication by nesting rules under a set of similar selectors

    #SlideAction ul li a {}#SlideAction ul li a:hover {}

CSS Stats

CSS Metrics

Base64 Length0
Redundant Body Selectors0
Comments Length467
Complex Selectors By Attribute0
Duplicated Selectors0
Old IE Fixes0
Media Queries2
Not Minified1
Parsing Errors0
Property Resets0
Specificity Id Avg0.16
Specificity Id Total31
Specificity Class Avg0.88
Specificity Class Total170
Specificity Tag Avg0.8
Specificity Tag Total154
Selector Length Avg1.4870466321243523
Selectors By Attribute0
Selectors By Class149
Selectors By Id31
Selectors By Pseudo40
Selectors By Tag134
Universal Selectors0