JavaScript split at a maths operator while still including it

Okay… I’m trying to split a string of text up into an array where instances of ‘+’ or ‘-‘ appear. First of all I need to know how to split at the plus sign and include it.

I have tried this: '3+5'.split(/(?='+')/) and the result I want is ["3","+5"] but it doesn’t seem to work and only produces and array of ["3+5"] which is cool but not what I’m looking for. All the resources I have found say that this should work but it doesn’t how I want it. I tried it with commas in place of the plus sign and it yields the result I was looking for but I kind of need it for the plus sign.

Secondly I would like to split it at a minus in the same way as well. The plus not working I don’t really have code for it but I assume it goes a little like this from the resources I found: '3+5-2'.split(/(?=+) | (?=-)/) with the result of ["3","+5","-2"]


It looks like you want /(?=[+])/ or /(?=\+)/ rather than /(?='+')/.

The + needed to be escaped.

// ["3", "+5"]


// ["3", "+5"]

If you want to include - as a delimiter:

// ["3", "+5", "-2"]